The charity Samaritans has recently launched its latest campaign called ‘We Listen’ and has once again joined forces with Network Rail for a poster campaign encouraging people to get in contact with them over anything they are struggling with. This is the third awareness campaign that the two organisations have worked on since they formed the partnership in 2010.

Audley is very proud to be supporting the campaign and has used the power of social media to encourage TV, film and fellow sporting celebrities to back the initiative. Audley was also interviewed for the Metro’s 60 Seconds feature on Wednesday which was a huge success.

The issue is closer to home for the former heavyweight champion than many would think and, in the interview with the Metro, Audley openly shared his own experiences of coping with life struggles, “Most people will have some sort of depression at some point. I’ve had big highs and also big lows. When I left Britain in 2004 after my BBC deal...