Based in LA, Audley likes to keep in tune with everything that’s happening in the UK by making regular trips home. In March and April he did just that and, thanks to his management team Champions Celebrity, he had an incredibly busy schedule.

His month long trip was characterised by the filming of a high profile television project for one of the UK’s major broadcasters but, as we are currently unable to provide the details, we will have to leave it there – suffice to say, you’ll be seeing a lot of Audley over the summer.

But that wasn’t the only TV work in which he was involved. On 29th March saw Audley take on a poker pro for fun on the Sky Poker Grudge Match live show, before filming more scenes for the mystery programme.

The BBC invited Audley to speak about his experiences growing up and his route to the top of the boxing tree for the A Black History of Britain and he was a special guest of Channel 5’s The Wright Stuff on Monday 18th April.