Advice from my time as a Maverick Promoter in Britain

Dear Chris,

Season’s greetings; I’m wishing you and Team Eubanks a prosperous and successful new year. 

I wanted to touch base and reach out to you, as I will never forget you kindly coming to see me back in the day, after I lost my unbeaten record to Danny Williams. You found me in my hotel and offered me advice from the heart. What you discussed was very helpful to my soul ... so truly Chris, I thank you for that. 

I hope my honest feedback helps you navigate your son’s next steps.

When we met back then in 2005, you questioned whether I had to hunger to turn things around in my career, as I was already financially stable and likely sleeping in silk bed sheets (still smile at that today) ... I told you I was confident I could (and would) turn things around. 

In my rematch with Danny a year later, I turned up ready for redemption, and almost decapitated him. ...