Media & TV Personality

Ever since he first came to widespread attention as a Commonwealth and Olympic champion, Audley has been recognised as one of the UK’s biggest sporting personalities. He is never short of an opinion and has a charismatic, warm nature.

As his achievements in the ring piled up, his charm made him one of the most recognisable figures in the media landscape and his popularity has only continued to grow. Audley is now a regular contributor in the media and has made high profile appearances on a number of flagship television shows.

In 2011 hit the dancefloor with his partner Natalie Lowe, taking a starring role in BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing. His performances were well-received by audiences as he made it through to week seven in a highly competitive field.

The summer of 2014 saw Audley enjoy even greater TV success. Entering the Celebrity Big Brother house, Audley’s personality shone through and he was able to go the full distance only to be pipped as winner by the US film star Gary Busey.

With a larger than life presence and considered views on a wide range of topics, Audley Harrison is an asset to any media or television production.