Audley Speaks on Heavyweight Boxing's Reemergence in 2016.


David Haye Eyes the Big Prize on his Return to the Ring.

David Haymaker Haye returns to the ring tomorrow night, after an almost 4-year hiatus, and I believe he’s timed his comeback to perfection.

The heavyweight division is wide open since Wladimir Klitschko released his grip last year to Tyson Fury, so Hayemaker’s re-emergence,  looks set to make 2016 an even more exciting year for the big boys of boxing.

His Australian opponent Mark De Mori cannot be dismissed as a journeyman, with his solid 30-1 record and WBA Top 10 ranking, Haye has the perfect guy to re-enter the Top Ten, and show he's seriousness in getting back to the top.

De Mori is always up for a tear up, and has power and grit in abundance, but lacks the speed of Haye and is very predictable. I expect it to be decided by Haye’s speed and movement, staying just out of range, so he doesn’t get caught up in a war. Once his finds an opening, he’ll unleash his power to close the show.

There is one area of risk for David, and that is ring-rust. If you’ve been away from the ring for three + years, it’s going to take a few fights to shake it off, as you cannot train harder or spar more rounds to lose it, overcoming ring-rust must happen in the ring, in live competition. 

I suspect his timing, rhythm and distance could be off; just slightly, which can be the difference between demolishing an opponent quickly and getting caught up in a real battle. It can be the difference between landing a big shot or missing; slipping a shot, in preference to taking one square on the chin.

Haye has had some injuries, but if he’s healthy, his mix of power and speed will dominate this bout. Somewhere between 4 or 5 exciting rounds, the Aussie will succumb to Hayemakers onslaught and the referee will have to jump in.

The O2 is sold out I’m told, and I’m pleased to see the fight is free-to-air on Dave TV. That’s a rarity these days but a good thing for David, the boxing fans and for the channel itself. I don’t know the full details of the deal, but I love that Haye has retained control of his career (My A-Force Model) throughout, so it reinforces that it can be done.


Deontay Wilder is bulldozing his way through the division and is in action this weekend also. He defends his WBC belt in another perfect match-up against the Polish contender Artur Szpilka in Brooklyn on Saturday night. I like the excitement that Wilder brings. He’s been sending most to sleep (I did beat the count) since turning pro and always goes for the KO if he can get it.

He’s shown a few vulnerabilities, but he’s improving fast…his eagerness to learn will serve him well, as he wants to unify the belts, so you have to make him and Fury an exciting proposition should it occur this year.

Back to Saturday night, it's worth noting that Polish fighters have very good chins (Froch heritage) and are normally tough and sturdy. Szpilka will be brave and engage the champion, but I expect Wilder’s excellent  jab and reflexes to always keep him ahead, in what could be a decent scrap while it lasts. 

Somewhere about the 3rd or 4th, Wilder will walk Szpilka onto a thunderous one-two, and that will be all she wrote…lights out!

I’d like to see Haye and Wilder face-to-face this year, or Haye versus Fury; or AJ in 2017. The return of Haymaker breaths fire into the heavyweight division, which has not occurred for quite a while. With Wladimir also looking for redemption, I think it's fair to say we have exciting times ahead with Heavyweights Boxing.